Testimonials: What her students say…

  • “Lesley is an awesome singing teacher with a very unique style and technique. I portray Paul McCartney in “Replay the Beatles” a tribute band. She helped me relax and sing higher notes in just three lessons! Thanks Lesley!”

    – John Oriettas, baritone, “Replay the Beatles

  • “While I was struggling with my vocal technique during the recording of my first album “Delpadidar” I was lucky enough to find Lesley. Her full understanding of every detail about the entire physical mechanism on singing and her very unique style of teaching made my voice totally different in only a couple of months. My singing was much more relaxed and comfortable, and I was able to maintain the same tone quality in the different registers. Thank you Lesley!”

    – Nirvana Nirvan, soprano, “Delpadidar

  • “Lesley is an incredible vocal teacher. She showed me exactly how to work with the voice that I had. She showed me how to protect my vocal cords so as to not ruin them while singing long sets. Through Lesley’s vocal coaching I also developed and strengthened my head voice. Thanks to Lesley I am now one of the lead singers of Montreal Rhapsody Orchestra.”

    – Kaila Picard, Vocalist/Performer, “Kaila Picard

  • “I came into Lesley’s singing lessons with a very limited vocal range, even in head voice, thinking that this was just how my voice was. I came out singing higher notes Adrien_Siregar than I ever thought possible. She also helped me with techniques that would make singing feel so natural and easy. After a few classes I felt and heard a difference. Before her classes, my voice got tired very quickly. Now I can sing for long periods of time without feeling the need to rest. Lesley is able to explain these techniques in various ways so that you can easily understand what needs to be done, which I find, is a rare thing in a teacher. Thank you for everything!”

    – Adrien Natanael Siregar, Broadway baritone, now studying at “AMDA” in New York City

  • “The amount of musical and technical knowledge that Lesley can show you is simply amazing. From the very beginning, she was teaching me not only vocal technique, but ways to understand the singing process and add richness to my songs. She is a great teacher, who masters the art connecting what she has to teach, to the student.”

    – Jorge Verlindo, bari-tenor, singer/song writer

  • “I’ve been studying with Lesley for a year and a half now and I can say with confidence that she improved my technique and singing by a milestone. I started off as a bass without much confidence and now I’m baritone who sometimes ventures into the tenor zone while still keeping all my low notes. I’ve had four voice teachers and taken an R&B vocals course at Berklee College of Music in Boston, but all those experiences together did not help my singing as much as Lesley did. If I had to sum up my experience with her in one sentence it would be, “Lesley can take you as far as you want as long as you put in the work.” Listen to her and remember to have fun with all of it.”

    – David Dillon Wang, bass-baritone, singer/musician

  • “I have been taking vocal lessons with Lesley for a couple years now, and the improvement in my voice is unquestionable. Lesley is an excellent teacher, and explains & demonstrates techniques in simple ways. She has so many “tricks” based on her extensive knowledge of how the voice “works” and has a passion for teaching.

    I initially went to Lesley with big vocal challenges regarding my range, and felt that I was at a road block. Lesley takes those challenges, breaks them down & makes them easy! It didn’t take long for the songs I previously considered very difficult, to become a walk in the park. Now I’ve moved on to bigger challenges! Thanks, Lesley!”

    – Joanna DeGrace, soprano, singer/songwriter

  • “Taking lessons with Lesley was a great experience. Among other things, I learned to explore my vocal range and sing high notes comfortably. Most importantly, I learned that singing involves more than just using your vocal cords.

    As a teacher, Lesley is very detail oriented and has an incredibly well trained musical ear. She could pinpoint the subtlest vocal details. Moreover, she is easy going which makes classes fun and allows you to work at your own pace.

    I truly enjoyed taking classes with Lesley and recommend her to anyone who wants to perfect or correct their singing technique.”

    – Christina Kolaitis, soprano, pop female vocalist

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