As a teacher & coach

Lesley Findlay has dedicated her life to the study of voice. A singer since childhood, her lifelong passion is to understand how the voice works and be able to explain singing concepts in the easiest possible way. This has led to the unique and innovative approach she has as a singing teacher, vocal coach and pedagogue. Mastery of her own voice required years to attain. However, with her simplified approach to voice, you can shave years off your progress. She designs the lessons to increase your knowledge and awareness of how your voice works, and to quickly master an efficient vocal production throughout your range.

Ms. Findlay is available for private lessons for vocal coaching of all musical styles and speech classes for actors and public speakers. Equally interesting are her workshops and masterclasses on singing, breathing techniques and how the vocal mechanism works.

For more information or to book a private lesson, please go to the contact page.