Vocal Technique is the brainchild of Montreal voice coach & singing teacher Lesley Findlay, dedicated to developing amazing vocal artists in every style. It shares her deep knowledge of every aspect of singing. With this knowledge and her simple exercises, you too can build a strong foundation to properly master your singing voice, one step at a time.

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You can’t develop what you don’t understand, so some basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology is important in training, not only outstanding singers in every style, but confident actors, journalists and other public speakers as well.


    The objectives of any singing method are to develop artists with an amazing vocal technique, unique interpretive ability and staying-power or career longevity.

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    When we speak or sing the vocal cords are small muscles that have the refined, unique and delicate task of vibrating.

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  • BIO

    A singer since childhood, her lifelong passion is to understand how the voice works and be able to explain singing concepts in the easiest possible way.

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  • General

    Singing is a form of musical self-expression in which vowels are sustained more than in regular speech.

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  • I had the pleasure of having Lesley coach me for my singing. I never sang in front of anybody before, and she made me feel comfortable to do so. She’s very experienced and gives you a great understanding on how to improve on your singing. She found tricks that worked for me to help me understand how to properly control my voice. I would recommend her to anybody in a heartbeat. Thanks again Lesley, it was such a fun time working with you!

  • Lesley is a fantastic teacher! Her teaching methods are very easy to grasp. Thanks to her I discovered how to sing notes that I didn’t even know I could. She helped me further understand how the voice works on the inside because it is quite a complex instrument if you ask me. She prepared me very well for a competition I was doing at the time and it was a great experience!!! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a voice coach. :))))

  • I had a great experience with Lesley! She put me at ease and really helped me better understand how to use my voice more effectively. In particular, she helped me protect and develop my voice for my singing in a local amateur cover band. A lovely person to work with as well. Strongly recommended.

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